Pentek NCP-20 Carbon Water Filters (20" x 2-1/2")

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Water Filter Housings for the Pentek NCP-20 water filters: 155397 Pentek NCP-20 filter fits in housings for 20 inch water filters. Fits Culligan / USFilter / Ametek / Pentek 20" Standard Whole House Water Filter System . .Pentek NCP-20 Carbon Filter Cartridge Specs: Dimensions:20" x 2-1/2" (508 mm x 64 mm) Micron Rating (Nominal):10 Micron Temperature Rating: 40?F to 125?F (4.4? C to 51.7?C) Initial ∆P (psi) @ Flow Rate (gpm): 1.0 psi @ 5 gpm (0.1 bar @ 19 L/min) Chlorine Taste & Odor Reduction @ Flow Rate (gpm): 450 gallons @ 2 gpm (1,700 liters @ 7.6 L/min) NOTE: Filtration efficiency and chlorine taste and odor reduction efficiency are reduced at higher flow rates. Chlorine taste and odor reduction based on greater than 50% reduction using 2ppm free chlorine feed concentration at 68?F (20?C) at continuous flow. Culligan NCP-20 Carbon Water Filter Materials of Construction: Filter Media:Pleated Carbon-Impregnated Polyester End Caps:Vinyl Plastisol Netting:Polyethylene Core:Polypropylene